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Advices for buying a property in Turkey

Advices for buying a property in Turkey

Advice for buying an apartment in Turkey is one of the most common phrases found on Internet search engines. If you are planning to tour several real estate in order to buy an apartment, do not rush to make a purchase decision. Do not rely on your first impression, and know that there are things that you must take into account before settling the matter.

Buying an apartment in Turkey is a matter that needs careful study, and an understanding of the Turkish real estate market, to make better use of the available options.

In this article, we will explain some important things that benefit you when buying a property, and a set of tips for buying an apartment in Turkey, at the best price. Benefiting from previous experiences in this field

نصائح لشراء شقة في تركيا

Tips for buying an apartment in Turkey
1. Study room divisions before buying an apartment in Turkey

Think carefully about the apartment room divisions before you buy an apartment in Turkey, and try to know if it is suitable for you and your family, depending on the number of family members and their ages.

thought!! Is it expected to accommodate your furniture? For example, a room ranging from 9 to 10 meters in size can barely accommodate a wardrobe.

Also check the view of the apartment and its direction, if it is facing north. Of course, you will never see the sun, and it may be dark in the four seasons, and very cold in winter. It may have high humidity, and consequently heating and electricity costs will be high.

It is known that the apartment that enters the sun is more hygienic, and has better lighting and ventilation during most hours of the day. Also check the size of the windows; Is it big and provides good ventilation for the apartment or is it small, and it overlooks an adjacent building? Thus, you may not be able to lift the blinds at any time. Is it a double-layer design for sound insulation? Does it have an easy and flexible closing mechanism?

شراء شقة في تركيا

2. The modifications that you can make after purchasing an apartment in Turkey

It is known in real estate in Turkey that studying the modifications that you can make to the apartment, and knowing the value of its costs is not an easy task. There are advice to buy an apartment in Turkey and live in peace and quiet.

If you like the specifications of the apartment, and think about making future adjustments to it. You have to appreciate the value of those adjustments or reforms, are they achievable? Is its cost within your ability? Try to bring a specialist or engineer with you to consult him about some details of the apartment, because he can simply detect faults and defects if he is present.

Do not hesitate to visit other floors, and test the elevator, especially if the apartment is on the upper floors, check that the entrance to the building and the stairs are in good condition, because these subtle details express the nature of the building’s residents, if they care and maintain the building.

3. Check the apartment’s infrastructure

One of the important benefits before buying a property is to check the infrastructure of the apartment, and it is one of the essential things for which it is imperative to provide advice for buying an apartment in Turkey.

Try to know the quality of the electrical wiring (circuit breakers and spacers), gas installations, plumbing plumbing, the effectiveness of heating installations and water taps, are all in good condition?

Energy Performance Diagnostics will provide you with valuable information about your home’s future consumption, and the maintenance work that may occur, thus if your assessment is correct you will save money, testing water faucets, heating radiators, and how easy it is to open and close windows.

If the house is located within a building, ask to see the basement and the car park, and try to find out if the parking lot is safe, easily accessible, and well lit.Make sure that the air suction in the kitchen is of good quality, and works smoothly.

شروط شراء شقة في تركيا

4. Track down sources of inconvenience before buying an apartment in Turkey

One of the most important advantages of buying an apartment in Turkey is to track down the sources of inconvenience, you have to make sure that the neighborhood is not noisy with the noise and the continuous noise, especially if the apartment is on the first or second floor, and if the building overlooks a public square or main street, and if the ground floor It has shops or a restaurant, so know that some noise will be at the bottom of your apartment.

If you are bothered by the sound of the elevator when going up and down, make sure that it is not adjacent to the walls of your apartment, it is advised that you take a tour around it, to know its proximity to public transport, shops and schools

نصائح شراء شقة في تركيا

5. Know the views of the house

Does your house have a nice view? Or overlooking a barren land? Make sure that there is no factory in front of the building, so as not to spoil the beautiful environment that surrounds it, these questions and other most important conditions for buying an apartment in Turkey. You should make sure of all of this, as you can simply go to the municipality in the area in which you live, and ask them to view the urban plan for that area, after you tell them that you want to buy a house in it. Certainly, they will not hesitate to help you, provide real estate advice to you, and then provide you with the necessary information

شروط شراء شقة في تركيا والإقامة فيها

6. Familiarize yourself with the home’s environment and location

Know well that knowing well about the home environment plays an important role in your choice of real estate in Turkey, and it is at the forefront of things that should be paid attention to, and it is closely related to the surrounding environment, when we talk about the surrounding environment; We mean the reputation of the place where the house is located.

Is it an upscale and quiet area that people accept? Does it have gardens, green spaces and places for children to play? You should also inquire about the nature of your neighbors in the building, are they too noisy, for example?

أهم نصائح لشراء شقة في تركيا

7. Check the legal status of the home

Checking the legal status of the house is one of the things included in the advice for buying an apartment in Turkey, as it is not enough just to inspect the apartment from the inside and get to know the surrounding outside.

Rather, you should verify and confirm that there is nothing illegal in building the apartment or in its title deed, and perhaps the correct solution for that is to review the real estate registry before signing the contract, to ensure the legality of all the details in it.

دراسات متأنية لشراء شقة في تركيا

8. Inquire about the monthly returns when buying an apartment in Turkey

Inquire about the monthly returns when buying an apartment in Turkey and staying in it, and you also have to inquire about the value of the monthly expenses that are paid to those in charge of the affairs of the residential complex, or what is known as the monthly returns, so that you are not surprised after signing the contract to purchase the property, which is a monthly amount paid to cover the complex expenses Residential, such as the costs of cleaning, guarding, lighting, and maintenance of public facilities, and sometimes coverage of services in it.

In general, when buying an apartment in Turkey, you should evaluate the options that are appropriate for your budget, so that you do not run into financial problems when you own your property, such as installments, for example, because you may not be able to pay the due payments on time.



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