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Sama Group Real Estate Consulting is a leading company headquartered in Istanbul working in the field of consulting, investment and real estate development, and provides opportunities to purchase real estate and lands in various parts of Turkey, especially in Istanbul.

We are working on creating investment opportunities, conducting economic feasibility studies for them and securing appropriate funding sources by creating suitable investment portfolios for these opportunities and projects throughout Turkey.

We are working to provide the best real estate projects that suit the main goals of our clients and their financial situation, as the concept of our real estate marketing service does not mean selling only, but rather it is a complete set of integrated services.

We help our clients who want to obtain Turkish citizenship by owning real estate valued at more than $ 250,000. We also follow all post-purchase procedures with our corporate attorneys, so that clients can obtain citizenship with their families.

This service includes tracking financial matters, preparing apartments, installing services in addition to leasing services, collecting revenues and financial reports, and periodically evaluating the market value of all the characteristics of our clients.

A package of services accompanying our real estate and investment services, as we guarantee the integrity of legal procedures followed, papers and title deeds of any legal impurities, especially when buying and selling.

We provide real estate consulting to all real estate portfolios and investment companies in Turkey, based on supply and demand market studies and our support with real estate innovations needed by the local market.

Istanbul villas are your choice towards the right investment

A promising future can be achieved, and a successful investment in the idea of searching for, owning and investing in villas for sale in Istanbul

According to Turkish law issued on 19.09.2018, there are six different options for obtaining Turkish citizenship and the easiest way to become a Turkish citizen is to buy a property, as wages have decreased to the value of $ 250,000.

The most important advantages of investing in Turkey
Investing in Turkey is one of the biggest temptations for businessmen in the world and interested in successful investment in the following are the most important investment projects in Istanbul

The main reasons that make Turkey a target for real estate investment

Turkey's strategic location, its historical importance and its richness in geographical diversity...

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Top 10 cities to invest in Turkey

Regarding the top 10 cities for investment in Turkey, regardless of which cities ranked first, the...

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Obtaining Turkish citizenship in return for buying a property – statistics

Obtaining Turkish citizenship in return for buying a property - statistics The number of persons...

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Advices for buying a property in Turkey

Advice for buying an apartment in Turkey is one of the most common phrases found on Internet search...

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